Stat Calculator:

Usage: The input

file should be a .txt file of the game, from beginning to end. When running the

program, Team 1 should be the team that was CT first. Then simply enter player

names (cAsE seNsiTiVe).

Sample input file:


Coordinators or other DPL staff have the right to make all final decisions and intervene in any and all situations regarding the Divinity Pro League or any of its assets, whether or not it is stated in this documentation.

The format of official matches and scrims:

The format for official league matches and scrims will be played in a best of rounds won manner. The teams will play each side of the map, T side, and CT side to whichever team wins 8 rounds to end the half. Both teams will then switch sides and play in the same manner as the previous half to end the map. When both halves have been finished to end the map, the team with the most rounds won from both two halves of the map combined will be announced the winner of that map. The winner of the entire match or scrim will be decided by playing a best of 3 map pool. If both teams have the same amount of rounds won in the map then the result will be decided as a tie. If the game cannot be decided by a best of 3 map pool in which both teams have tied multiple maps or have tied 1 game and won and loss the other 2, then the match will be decided by a 4th map from a map pool that was not originally picked in the map pool that was originally played. In the case of the 4th map being tied, the next map will be picked once again from the remaining maps that were not originally picked. If out of all odds the game cannot be decided by playing all the maps within the official map pool, the match will be announced as a tie and the match will be rescheduled to decide the winning team.

Sample game

Dizplay vs FinalSpark

Map 1: 16 - 12 to Dizplay

Map 2: 10-10 tie

Map 3: 11-14 to FinalSpark

Map 4: 16-2 to Dizplay

Game to Dizplay: 2-1-1

Vetoing maps:

Each team will have a chance to veto one map from the official map pool that includes: Nuke, Cobblestone, Mirage, Dust 2, Inferno, and Cache. Once each team has vetoed the map that they desired, they will additionally pick one map that they would like to play from the remaining map pool. The third map will be decided randomly by a coin flip held by the official refs attending the match. Sides will also be decided by the official refs. If the official match cannot be decided by the three maps played, the remaining maps that have not been played will decide the match. Each team would then veto 1 map, and the remaining map from that pool will be played to decide the match as a 4th map. If the 4th map does not decide the match, the 5th map will be decided randomly by the official refs and the same will go for the 6th map if it comes down to it.

Example: Team1 Veto’s Dust2 -> Team2 Veto’s Mirage -> Team1 Picks Cache -> Team2 Picks Cobblestone -> Third map either Nuke or Inferno based on coin flip.


Any second or third person view is prohibited from gameplay. The official refs will give three warnings until action will be taken. After three warnings the team breaking this rule will lose the current map. Warnings reset every map.

Using clients and mods:

Any use of clients and mods is strictly prohibited from the Divinity Pro League. Any usage of clients and mods found on the player a ban (read bans section for more information), a loss of the previous map played in which the screen share took place after, and the removal of the player from the current match. The list of clients and mods that are strictly prohibited include: Arrow Camera Mod, Giant Models Mod, Smart Moving Mod, ZYIN'S HUD Mod, Cheating Essentials Mod, Minecade Mod, MovePlus(+) mods, Chat Bubbles Mod, RadarBro, Zan's Minimap, Rei Monkey (enables entities on rei's minimap), Inventory Tweaks Mod, Damage Indicators Mod, The Dragon Block C Mod (allows flight), Huge Weapons Mod, Macros Mod, and any other hacks/cheats found by the ref.

Allowed mods/clients: Vanilla MC, OptiFine, LabyMod, Forge, and the DPL mod.

*If you have questions regarding if a certain mod is legal or not, please message a DPL Staff member on discord.


Until the Minestrike Game Insights team fixes the FPS lag with smokes, the smoke utility grenade will be prohibited from being used in league scrims. Throwing a smoke will result in a warning.


Ghosting is the action of making callouts in the game with information that you’ve gained while you have been dead. This is also referred to calling out the other team’s players locations and dropped items when the player himself is dead and had no prior knowledge of this information when alive beforehand. In addition, there will be a 5 seconds span of time in which you can call out a location of a player of the other team. Anything past 5 seconds is considered ghosting as in CS:GO after a player has died they have around the same time to see the area in which their dead body is inhabited in. The official referees are required to make logical decisions when players are calling out during this 5 seconds span of time. For example, if a player died banana on inferno, they cannot call out a location of a player around A site since they weren’t there or didn’t die there to gather that piece of information. However, if the player did have prior knowledge of information of where items were dropped and where he or she has died, this is not considered as ghosting. Ghosting is prohibited in party, text, any form of calls, and private messaging. The official refs are required to be added to a team’s call whether it be Discord, Skype, or TeamSpeak, and are required to be added to a team’s party. Refusal to do so will result in a loss of the official match or scrim to the team not cooperating with the refs. Both teams are required to create a call and create a party. Three warnings will be given until the official refs will take action. The team that has been given three warnings will lose the current map for breaking the rules. Warnings reset every map.

Screen Sharing:

Each team is allowed to ask the referees for a screen share on a certain player from the other team once every map. Any refusal or obstruction to doing so will result in a 2-month ban for the being asked to screen share. Logging out of Minecraft before the screen share will also result in a 2-month ban. Referees making logical decisions are allowed to ask any player for a screen share if he or she thinks that this person is suspicious or not. Once again only one screen share against each team can take place every map. Referees are required to screen share the player that is being accused by the other team.

Resource Packs:

It is illegal possession of an x-ray resource pack or a resource pack that includes the explosion particles being clear. This means that any illegal pack or client on the player’s computer during a screen share used in the last 2 months will automatically result in a 2-month ban.


The ban list is a list of different players caught from breaking the rules in either refusing to screen share, being toxic or harassing others and using clients or any form of cheats. Being on the ban will prevent the player from playing in any official league matches or scrims. The first time being on the ban will start off with a 1 month period suspension. The next time the player is caught breaking the rules again, it will be increased to 4 months, then 8 months, and if caught breaking the rules a 4th time he or she will become permanently banned. Every time a team has a player banned, the team will lose 10% of their Elo ranking.

Ranking system:

Instead of tiers, we will be using an "elo" based ranking system, which summed up briefly, is a lot more dynamic and realtime team based rankings. Each team starts out with 1000 elo, winning or losing a game will make them gain or lose elo respectively. For example: If Team1 which has 1500 elo for instance, beats Team2, which has 500 elo Team1 will only gain a small amount of elo while the other team loses a small amount. On the flip side, if a lower elo team was to beat a high elo team the lower elo team would gain a lot. Round score plays a big factor in elo gained/lost, so make sure to win as many as possible!


If and when a player is enlisted into a certain team, (Meaning added to the team's current roster), the player is restricted to only playing DPL Competitive games on the account registered within the roster and can not participate on another player's account or an alternative account not commonly associated with the player and/or can't participate in another team's game roster in DPL Competitive games. If someone is caught violating this rule, all players affiliated with the alting will be banned from competitive DPL play for one month.


Smart Arrows: "As of now the use of the cosmetic known as "Smart Arrows" (Arrow shot effect), is banned. Use of such cosmetic during a DPL match will result in a 2-week suspension from competitive play for the player who shot the arrow and map loss for the player's team.


Under no circumstances shall a player overly and/or constantly harass/emotionally or threatening physical harm to another player, whether the, victimized player does, or does not participate in the Divinity Pro League.  Harassing a player includes making death threats, unnecessarily insulting the player, threatening the player in-general, and constantly abusing a player.  If found guilty the accused player is subject to punishment varying from a 2 week to a permanent ban from the Divinity Pro League.  This includes trolling or abusing other team's chat platforms.  I.e Spamming a discord.  This resulting punishment will be the same as any other toxicity punishment.


To prevent any conflicts between the DPL and the MSCL, every player coming from an MSCL team that is not in the DPL, can only play in the DPL on a DPL team roster that does not contribute in the MSCL. If a player were to break this rule, he or she will be removed from the team’s roster and will be given options to join a team the player is eligible to join.