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Descension vs Evolved (0-2) December 2017
CAD vs SCP (1-2) July 2017
Soul vs Charisma (1-1) December 2016
Awakening vs Neon (2-0) December 2016
SCP vs Ivory (2-0) December 2016

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Free Agents by coldzira - December 2016

In the past month, many players have been shuffling around multiple teams. With the disbanding of two old and top tier MS teams, Evolved and Dizplay, there are several superb players left without a teams that any team looking for additions can pickup. Note that some of these players might have tentative connections to certain teams, but are available

[EU] Alexiander01 (Alex)

Former teams: TGP, Evolved

From his time in one of the former tier 1 EU teams, TGP, up until the disbanded of Evolved Gaming, Alex has shown his worth as a tier one player. One of his most remarkable features is that he can put up remarkable performances on US games, despite having bad ping. Very deadly with rifles and pistols.

[NA] Kriq (Matt)

Former teams: Faded, Awakening, Dizplay

Despite some rumors floating, Matt has progressively gotten better as an individual player. While not always being a consistent fragger, Kriq has shown that he has the talent to make explosive triple and quad kills to secure crucial round victories. Kriq is currently on the White Mavericks roster, but due to the recent creation of the team, this may not be a complete commitment and instead a temporary situation.

[NA] GummyGuy (Jackson)

Former teams: MiA, SCP

After joining SCP in Summer 2016, GummyGuy turned himself into one of the best players in the game in a remarkably short amount of time. Gummy is an excellent team player, and is capable and lethal at both rifling and sniping. However, his most unique talent is his ability with pistols, consistently attaining multikills on pistol rounds and when playing eco rounds with an upgraded pistol.

[NA] Virazu (Alex)

Former teams: Evolved

Despite being inactive for the majority of 2016, Virazu made his debut with EVO in mid-late 2015, putting up incredible performances against tier 1 teams such as SCP and FS at the time. As of recent, he is slowly coming back into competitive MS, but is currently teamless. Incredible team player and will play wherever his team needs him, while consistently keeping up with frags.

DPL Open - Season 1 by coldzira - November 2016

Hello MineStrike community!

From this day, the Divinity Pro League Season 1 begins, featuring the following elite 12 teams:

Awakening - Dizplay - SCP - No Girls Allowed - Neon - Oblivion - Descension - Faded -Charisma - Immunity - Ivory - Caliber

For now, no teams will be admitted to the league. After another set of required matches, all games will be randomly selected. Welcome and good luck to all participating teams!

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